• Research and Development

    In today's dynamic business environment, innovation through a sustained process of Research & Development (R&D) is the only innovative tool for organizations to thrive. With emphasis on development and speedy commercialization of globally competitive products, processes and technologies, the focus has now shifted from R&D to RD&D (Research, Development & Deployment).

    Based in Noida, India, our research and development facility is staffed by experts in design, engineering and manufacturing who, by taking a holistic approach to R&D, turn ideas into intelligent lighting solutions. Our team is focused on how to use lighting technologies to drive results and deliver lighting solutions. Our goal is to turn ideas into lighting solutions faster, better and more successfully than the competition.

    We aim to outperform competition and deliver on our promise to offer environmentally friendly, pocket-friendly, and energy-friendly indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. We have invested in research and development to produce sustainable industry-leading lighting innovations for retail, infrastructure, and commercial and custom design lighting systems.

  • Prototype and Engineering

    Legero’s projects are endowed according to the protocols recommended by lighting specialists and designers that work with the company. With wide spectrum of products, Legero conceive innovative solutions that are able to meet the extremities of a progressively demanding and selective market.

    As in the best Indian tradition, the essence of the product lies in the state-of-the-art electronics, which perfectly combines with the refined and sophisticated design that highlights Legero’s attention to the aesthetic dimensions. Legero’s internal prototyping lab, equipped with advanced instruments such stereo lithography / quick prototyping machines and numerical control devices, allows the company to create perfectly working samples in a very short time.

    Prototyping is a precious support for lighting designers while studying and realizing a project. One of Legero’s most appreciated traits is, in fact, its response times and availability to design ad-hoc products for its clients.



We understand that lighting can be decisive in patients’ health care; Lighting has to cater for needs and preferences of various diverse individuals. Entire energy channelization has been focused on keeping a minimalistic design, uniform curves and smooth form for providing peace of mind for the observer.


From brainstorm to reality. White color and clean appearance, combining three key critical design aspects: visibility, visual appeal, and comfort for lighting the patient room.


CURA effectively combines direct and indirect light to ensure optimum comfort to the patient while reading or resting, and to the doctor while examining the patient. The remote can be used to alter the light’s brightness and control the output source. Bestowing aluminium extrusion housing with white powder coating, Injection molded ABS plastic end caps and PMMA glare control high efficient diffuser.



We come across waves in every minute of every day. There are light waves which make things visible and sound waves so we can hear. Even solid physical matter is a wave that is vibrating at a certain frequency. If we observe the behavior of waves, we can see how energy changes from one state to another and back again.


Linear clean form, soft organic curves and undulated wave portraying sense of movement.


The MELLO Suspended provides exceptional aesthetics with inconspicuous lighting. This unique and contemporary direct-indirect suspended luminaire is made in CRCA and is enclosed with PMMA optical diffuser for optimum light output.



There is no beautiful line in this world like a curve, not only the elaboration of ornament characteristic of this order, but also a principle of ornamental design that is of the utmost importance. It is observed here that the various parts of the curve grow out of one another in a continuous line.


A unique combination of reflective and refractive optical components to deliver an optimized distribution that illuminates walls, spaces and surfaces creating a perception of spaciousness.


Circular recessed downlights with integrated back-lit LEDs installed with high efficient low glare diffuser for optimum light distribution. Outer ring and heat sink made up of die-cast aluminium powder painted in white color.

Innovation driven by rudimentary research has been a foundation of Legero’s success, guiding to the inception of myriad technologically superior and aesthetically pleasing products.