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Common Types Of Commercial Lights

Finding the right commercial lighting is vital for your company or business. Also, it is also amazingly different from residential lighting. For one, installation of commercial lighting is also different. Therefore it is crucial to hire a qualified and professional electrician to install your commercial lighting. Commercial lighting is a kind of lighting used in […]

how to reduce glare from led lights in a workplace

Office lighting influences the work environments and employees. Thus affecting their mood and productivity. Also, lighting should ease the execution of all the visual tasks as well as different forms of communications i.e. written, visual, telephone, computer and face to face interactions. The Office Lighting Solutions of Legero utilizes the same light source to do two […]

How lighting can help to improve the ambience, mood & value of your hotel?

Now even a standard room can remarkably be transformed with incredible lighting and can have a solid effect on making visitors feel luxurious. Hotel Lighting basically includes: Task Lighting, Ambient Lighting and Accent Lighting. Areas used for Reading, Computer, Dining & Service come under task lighting. Task Lighting is usually executed using specialized luminaries, which […]

The Psychological Effects of Lighting in Offices

Light affects the reasoning, stress and well-being of employees. With control over the lighting in the workplace, employees are more committed to their employers which helps in significant improvement in overall well being of employees. Also, individually controlled lighting results in significant energy savings.                         […]

A Guide to Energy-Efficient Office Lighting

Office lighting systems are a dominant user of electrical energy and a source of internal heat that often needs to be removed from the space. Modern energy-efficient lamps, luminaires (fittings) and controls can often reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. Specifying a well-controlled, high quality, energy-efficient lighting system that can take advantage of available […]

Lighting an Inspiration

Light and in manner we use it can intensely touch our lives in certain means that often go unseen, moving our insights, our environs, effort of arts, and our viewpoint. Moreover, as scientifically progressive dwellers of contemporary world, it is easy for us to take light for granted. Below are some astute annotations vis-à-vis the […]

Retail Lighting Essentials

Retail Lighting Essentials: How to Augment your Store:- These days’ consumers anticipate more from their retail experiences. They mandate more selections while relishing stirring retail environs. The Shopping Centre has become a vibrant and exciting area in architecture where lighting plays a pivotal role. It draws shopper’s attention, draws them into the store and ultimately […]

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Jaipur Technical festival 2014

19 February 201419 February 2014
Giving Shape to Ideas at Jaipur Technical Festival 2014, – Legero Lighting validates Advanced, Global Initiatives and Breakthrough Technologies as Environmental Front Runner. Legero Lighting India Pvt.Ltd. participated at Jaipur Technical Festival; a clean and green expo (February 15-17, 2014), one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Jaipur, held at SMS Investment Ground, Ambedkar Circle, Jaipur. jaipur_news2 The theme for this fest was to promote clean and green technologies for sustainable development and energy conservation. The annual exhibition has drawn a lot of attentions, as diverse stakeholders visit and exhibit at the show and share initiatives or solutions that address environmental issues on a global scale. This year, under the Communication Message “Brighter by Design,” Legero Lighting displayed its initiatives to contribute to the sustainable earth and society by sharing challenges faced by the customers and society and providing new solutions with environmentally friendly products based on breakthrough environmental technologies. Around India, Legero Lighting has been actively developing the “Green Activities” to meet the goals set in its long-term environmental vision. The activities have helped Legero Lighting strengthen, from the early stages of R&D and product planning, development of new products and services that reduce environmental impact throughout the life cycle. Furthermore, the company's comprehensive green initiatives have prompted its production sites to evolve their energy- and resource-saving efforts, as well as encouraged environmentally considerate sales and services. jaipur _news Legero Lighting reorganized its management system and has been focused on solving problems faced by customers and society. In its environmental activities, the whole company shares common goals and work together as one. Such strategic direction and extensive development of the initiatives have received first-tier ratings in international CSR and SRI (socially responsible investment) assessments. At Jaipur Technical Festival, 2014, Legero Lighting displayed advanced, global initiatives and breakthrough environmental technologies used in manufacturing of their green LED products aimed at reducing carbon footprint and energy costs.