Flexing your Style

Planning to give your space an ultra-modern lighting makeover. LED Strip lights present the perfect solution. Thin profile of LED Strip lights makes them a discrete lighting selection for unexpected and hard-to-reach areas that could never be lit otherwise. Adding to its flexibility, strip lights come in a variety of colors, is dimmable, and can be trimmed to fit any space. Therefore, the question is how and where these lights can be installed. Below are some areas where LED tape light will add a modern element to your overall lighting scheme.


Stairway Lighting
Imagine how juddering it can be to turn on a bright staircase light in the middle of the night just so you do not trip and fall. Instead of flipping the switch to turn on that hallway light, use LED strip light for more elusive brightness, which will not entirely take you out of your just-woke-up state. Install warm white tape light beneath the upper edges of each stair or underneath the railing for concealed down lighting. To give the strip light a clean look, you can use LED tape light extrusions to conceal the tape light itself.


Hard to reach spaces
For those place which are dark and hard to reach, such as above, under kitchen cabinets, and in ceiling coves. LED strip light can turn these apparently unusable spaces into the seamless place for sleek accent lighting. Strip lights installed above your cabinets will deliver an elegant up lighting and will yield new life to lackluster wall spaces. High-output LED strip light installed in a ceiling cove can pull double-duty as both overhead and accent lighting in your living room.


Display Cabinets and Shelving
For lighting enclosed areas such as display cabinets, shelving units, and closets, LED strip light bestow all the properties of being the perfect solution. Strip light can renovate shelves on your wall into an attention-grabbing feature among your home’s ornamentation. With qualities as low operating temperature, energy saving technology and very low heat output you do not have to fret yourself of it being hazardous inside a closed display cabinet.


Furniture Accents
For all those is search of options on how to make a contemporary statement with LED strip light, they can be flawlessly used to craft radiant silhouettes around or under unexpected pieces of furniture such as a washroom vanity, the underneath of a bar or kitchen counter top, a pool table, or even beneath your bed frame. Installing tape light below furniture creates a warm glow that provides modern, low-profile accent lighting. Much like stairway lighting, LED strip light used as furniture accents gives you a way to achieve low lighting during the night with an added element of safety.