how to reduce glare from led lights in a workplace

Office lighting influences the work environments and employees. Thus affecting their mood and productivity. Also, lighting should ease the execution of all the visual tasks as well as different forms of communications i.e. written, visual, telephone, computer and face to face interactions. The Office Lighting Solutions of Legero utilizes the same light source to do two tasks independently i.e. maintain the desired luminance level and avoid visual discomfort by substantially reducing glare from led lights in a work environment.

Glare can broadly be categorized as Direct or Indirect Glare, which can cause inconvenience or incapacity to see object or reading on a computer screen. Light emitted from a luminaire cause direct glare. The light reflected from the object’s surface is classified as indirect glare. For example light reflected from a computer screen or the sunlight reflecting from your LCD/LED Television when you’re watching your favorite movie.


Innovative lighting design solutions from Legero reduce the effect of both direct and indirect glare. Here are some ways how to reduce glare from led lights-

  • Luminaires are installed in a way that tosses more light upward which helps to diffuse the light and minimize the glare on different surfaces including PCs.
  • Special lens orientation and diffuser sheets are used on the luminaires which diffuse the light output and also help to increase the flux level.
  • The light sources are relocated as per the lighting design to minimize glare and maintain light output at important areas.
  • Effective utilization of shades on windows to control the transmittance of daylight entering the office space.
  • Task lighting within a work environment is done by adjusting the installation point and changing the orientation of the luminaire until the glare is minimized.