Lighten Up

Have you ever realized how vital role light can play in effecting our moods. The light or lack thereof in your home or anywhere else, for that matter can have an effect on our emotions and our moods. Various researchers have claimed that the expanse of lighting affects the regulation of emotions, such as happiness and sadness, through the nervous and endocrine systems. A literature review conducted by Edwards and Torcellini analyzed the effect of daylight in various situations and environments, and the conclusions divulge that passable lighting is associated with feeling of euphoria among the test subjects, while dark lighting persuades moods of despair. By assimilating results from other previous studies, the study recommended that dissimilar wavelengths and amount of light affect the rate of transmission of action potentials and hormone secretion.


In days of yore, sunlight resolute when we got up and worked, and the lack of light meant it was time to stop working and go to sleep. The lack of light actually causes our bodies to create more melatonin, which is a hormone that helps make you feel sleepy.

However, have you ever noticed how artificial lighting can change mood? In addition, department stores and restaurants use lighting to create a particular mood. Walk into a fast food chain and the lights are bright, they want you in and out of there quickly. Usually the more expensive restaurants want you to linger on and they will have more dim and atmospheric lighting.

Good interior designers will be able to gauge the lighting needs require to add ambience in different rooms and these crucial differences in intensity of light affect home design. To reduce shadows and to portray a sense of restful feeling soft light is used. Too much of everything is not good, it can make things dull, gloomy, and even depressing, so combine the soft with hard or direct light to create areas of brightness. For example, in a kitchen, hard light is used for working while in the evening, when dinner is cooked, a soft light is all that is needed for ambience.

So go around your house and check to see how the lighting reflects the mood you intend for the different rooms.