Lighting an Inspiration

Light and in manner we use it can intensely touch our lives in certain means that often go unseen, moving our insights, our environs, effort of arts, and our viewpoint. Moreover, as scientifically progressive dwellers of contemporary world, it is easy for us to take light for granted. Below are some astute annotations vis-à-vis the nature of light by some of the world’s most attributed actors, writers, and designers.



Lighting has a significant consequence on aesthetics. Suitable lighting can momentously augment or greatly diminish from a person’s physical advent or the atmosphere of a room.

There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.
– Billy Baldwin, Actor

I find great lighting and a squint of the eyes makes anyone look better.
– Cat Deeley, Actress/Singer/Model

I love lamps. I can’t stand overhead lighting. I have to have everything on a dimmer.
– Kate Spade, Designer



Lighting can also affect our dispositions and sanities of well-being. The correct volume of lighting can make a conventional place seem virtually enchanted.

The quality of the light around us has a profound effect on our well-being that should not be underestimated. – Thomas Fuchs, Designer

A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.
– Paul Lynde, Actor/Comedian

I’m a firm believer that lighting affects mood, and twinkly lights on strings bring something magical to occasions ranging from concerts to weddings, though I’m fond of using them as year-round home decor. There’s a reason why they’re sometimes called fairy lights. When the night is right, there aren’t any strings at all. – Erin Morgenstern, Writer

Artistic Effect

We tend to miscalculate the influence that lighting has on the way we feel about our beloved movies. Contemplate the difference between the bright, lively attractiveness of the ocean in Finding Nemo to the diffusely lit, lackluster locales of the Harry Potter movies.

Lighting is vital. Without that, they have nothing. In addition, of course, color and texture. When they showed me a little piece of Finding Nemo, I said this has got to be the biggest hit.
– Joe Grant, Writer

So much of movie acting is in the lighting, and in loving your characters. I try to know them, and with that intimacy comes love. And now, I love Voldemort.
– Ralph Fiennes, Actor



Most prominently, lighting is all about perception. That is why we often use lighting allegories to designate a positive or negative viewpoint on life.

Freedom is just Chaos with better lighting. – Alan Dean Foster, Writer

The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting. – Susan Cain, Writer