Common Types Of Commercial Lights

Finding the right commercial lighting is vital for your company or business. Also, it is also amazingly different from residential lighting.

For one, installation of commercial lighting is also different. Therefore it is crucial to hire a qualified and professional electrician to install your commercial lighting.

Commercial lighting is a kind of lighting used in commercial establishments like offices, hospitals and stores. Commercial lighting is distinct from residential lighting.

Here are the major types of commercial lighting:

Incandescent Lights

These are among the oldest types of lighting used in commercial settings. This type of lighting is used as recessed lights and desk lights in small commercial set-ups or offices. The bonus with such lights is that they possess capacity to generate lights almost as bright as the sun. This makes them well liked by people who work in low light because they might be sitting far away from light sources like windows.

Fluorescent Lights

These are most commonly used lights in commercial set-ups. Often found hanging from ceilings of commercial centers, they are available in various sizes and lenses. The best part is that they are highly energy efficient. They come in following types:

Tubular lights

This kind of light fixture is usually set into ceilings and enveloped with frosted lens. They feature one to four bulbs based on the quantum of light needed in the commercial space.

Compact light

Built from conventional fluorescent technology, it has a solid and dense internal ballast. It is as energy efficient as tubular lights but produces better perception of natural white color. They are typically used in applications of lighting for down light lamps and tasks in commercial spaces.

T5 Light

Suited to high ceiling uses, this fixture is ideal for commercial spaces, because of longevity and minimal maintenance. The T5 fluorescent fixtures were designed with sources of fluorescent lamp sources but nowadays, they are used to accommodate LED bulbs.

LED lights

In recent times, such lights have become popular since they are energy efficient and are highly durable. The cost savings are very remarkable. Because of such savings in costs, fixtures of LED lighting have become popular in design of commercial lighting. They are used well for commercial recessed lighting.

Halogen Lights

Most commonly used as floodlights and security lights, such lights are ideal for lighting up stadiums and sports arenas. They are popular for producing huge bright lights to illuminate large venues. They can be used to brighten up retail stores and night spots that feature smaller bulbs. They are also energy efficient.

Metal Halides

These are also referred to as high intensity discharge lighting. Typically they are used in industrial settings or warehouses, where the ceilings are very high. They are designed featuring a suspended pendant that hangs from a ceiling to which many bulbs are attached. Bulbs come in various sizes to cater to various lighting needs of customers.

They are good for illuminating big spaces and the modern sodium versions with low pressure have been rated to be good, especially with regard to consumption of energy.


The value of lighting cannot be underestimated, particularly in commercial applications. The consumer has wide choice of lighting fixtures and only has to select a type based on his need.