How Should You Use Commercial Lighting? Check out here!

It is not a well-known fact that commercial lighting accounts for nearly 35% of overheads of a business. But there is good news for companies who wish to cut costs- technology for commercial lighting is advancing fast every day.

Modern lighting can provide more or same quality of lighting but at a very less cost and eco-friendly design. When you upgrade the lighting of your building, you can reduce some of the strain from the electrical system of the space. However, you have to make careful plans.


Here are some tips:

Understand Your Goals:

You may consider installing your lighting is a commonplace task. But it is much better to consider howlighting can contribute to will enhance productivity and employee morale.

Prior to implementing a new plan for lighting, consider what you wish to accomplish with your new lights. These could range from reducing carbon footprint and overhead costs to enhance morale and productivity.

In case it is possible, try to identify lighting schemes you like in other buildings and determine what would work for you in your building. This can provide you a superior idea about the lighting design you are seeking. This is when you need to consult design experts.

Balancing Your Lighting

There exist three types of lighting and these serve different purposes in your building:

  • Ambient lighting

It is used for standard illumination.

  • Accent lighting

It is used for highlighting a specific aspect of your building for creating a focal point for your building.

  • Task lighting

It provides sufficient light in specific places to help with specific tasks.

A good design of lighting will layer these types of lighting. Begin with ambient light, move to task and finally to accent lights. These different types of light will need different fixtures.

Determining Light Fixture

The kind of light fixture you use for a particular type of lighting can make a big difference with regard to effectiveness and efficiency of your lighting system.

There are 3 kinds of light fixtures:

  • Direct light fixtures

These use reflective and mirrored surfaces to force out as much light from the fixture as possible. A diffuser helps lead the light so as to illuminate as large a space as possible.

  • Indirect light fixtures

They are often made use for purposes of tasklighting and are so designed as to illuminate top portions of walls and the ceiling.

  • Combination fixtures

They use both the above lighting modes (direct and indirect) to illuminate a space for enhanced visual comfort and minimal glare.

  • Fluorescent light

These are found in office buildings all over India. They can be pendant or recessed types. Typically they provide ambient light using direct, indirect or combination fixtures.

  • LED lights

These are ideal for all kinds of lighting such as wall sconces, track lighting, recessed lighting and more. LED lights are highly energy efficient and are more durable than other types of lights.

  • Halogen lights

It is a very popular kind of lighting. It is used typically for accent lighting.

Most Popular

Since last few years, the 4 feet LED tube has without doubt, become the most bought and used bulb in the country. The reason is they provide the maximum light coverage, even in a standard size. The best part is that they use eco-friendly LED bulbs, which cut energy costs.