Several types of lighting for any place and event

Lighting is one of the important things in any place whether it is home or office. It makes the celebration of any occasion double and makes the decoration perfect. Here we will know about some best quality for the decorating purpose.

  1. Metal halide lamps: It consisting of an arc tube placed inside a bulb. Depending on the material used to make the lamp it can vary like it can be made of quartz or ceramic that contains mercury, a starting gas (preferably inert gases) and MH salts. Commonly used in stages, halls, auditorium and street lamps for commercial needs.
  2. Halogen lamps: This type of lamp contains a tungsten filament sealed in a compact transparent envelop filled with halogen and inert gases to reduce the temperature. The presence of halogens increases the lifetime of the lamp and the brightness too.
  3. Fluorescent tub: It uses fluorescence from its discharge tube to produce light. They do not have color representation quality but have a cool and soothing effect on the surroundings. It also forms a part of the power saving big three trios along with LED and CFL.
  4. Low temp Sodium lamps: LED (Light-emitting Diode): This is one types of electrical component which produce light through the movement of electrons with the help of semiconductor device. Te use of less power and long lifespan make the LED best for decorating the house and making it attractive. The initial cost of LED is very high but it is great for making and electrical projects. This is the best commercial lighting solution.
  5. Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL): The compact fluorescent lamp is one type of modern light bulb which is very useful for our daily life. This type of lamps contains mercury, which creates disposal difficulty. This type of lamps need less power, produce a lot of light for the working purpose. Maximum CFL is compact of two fluorescent lamps which contain two or three tabular loops.
  6. High-density discharge lamps: This type of lamps is specially designed with the inner glasses which include tungsten electrodes with the electrical arc. This type of inner glass tube is basically filled by the metals and gas. This type of lamp has high immunity than any self-ballasted lamps and auxiliary equipment. It must be provided for the exact function of each bulb. High-intensity-discharge lamps are normally used for providing the high levels of light and have a requirement of large areas. So this is great for the outdoor, activity area, public place, roadside, parking slot, and pathway.
  1. Neon Lamps: The Neon lamp is one type of gas discharging lamps which contain gas of low pressure and assembles the electrode within a small space. The standard brightness of the bulb is great for the lighting of outdoor area of your home. For the operation of this type of lighting options low voltage is needed and which is in between 10-20 volts.

Conclusion: From this article, we have to know about the various type of commercial lighting fixture which is really great for the designing purpose of your home and office. So select the best one for you to make the best celebration for any occasion.