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Green Technology

Legero strongly believe in environment sustainability and Green Technologies inducting the application of advanced systems and services in order to improve sustainability.
Legero’s environment sustainability goals include reduction of waste, spoilage and shrinkage; improvement of energy efficiency and energy conservation; creation of systems that are energy self-sustaining; the reduction of carbon emissions; a reduction in toxic waste and the emission of toxic gasses such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs); creation of products that are biodegradable; enhancement of water conservation and water quality; and promotion of the reuse and recycling of materials of all types.

Let There be Light – for the Next Generation: the Green Gift

Envision getting a gift this year that you will still be using in 2050. Not only that, it also puts green backs in your pocket while helping the planet go green.


Buyers round the world now have grander possibilities for plunging their carbon footprint through the innovatory expertise of LED lighting. Legero Lighting offers the LED technology in all there product categories, Legero LED products are this year’s must-have item for anyone going green. Even switching one bulb to a LED product can help reduce your carbon footprint and create cost savings over CFL or traditional bulbs,” said Natansh Bhayana, Director of Legero Lighting. “LED products save on energy cost over its lifespan to ultimately cost less than a traditional light source.”

Legero LED products offer the warm, neutral white, cool white light quality comparable to that of a traditional 40W light source while using no mercury, so they are recyclable, unlike CFL bulbs. Additionally, on an annual basis the LED product emits 90 percent fewer emissions than a traditional incandescent bulb, and is compatible with standard fittings.

The LED products from the house of Legero are as energy efficient as a fluorescent bulb, and over its significantly longer lifetime — up to 50,000 hours or approximately 35 years — it creates significantly lower carbon emissions.
Lighting uses 19 percent of worldwide energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption by using LEDs will significantly reduce the level of CO2 emissions, therefore affecting climate change. Legero seeks to diminish climate change through, among other efforts, use of technologically advanced LED products.

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Jaipur Technical festival 2014

19 February 201419 February 2014
Giving Shape to Ideas at Jaipur Technical Festival 2014, – Legero Lighting validates Advanced, Global Initiatives and Breakthrough Technologies as Environmental Front Runner. Legero Lighting India Pvt.Ltd. participated at Jaipur Technical Festival; a clean and green expo (February 15-17, 2014), one of the largest environmental exhibitions in Jaipur, held at SMS Investment Ground, Ambedkar Circle, Jaipur. jaipur_news2 The theme for this fest was to promote clean and green technologies for sustainable development and energy conservation. The annual exhibition has drawn a lot of attentions, as diverse stakeholders visit and exhibit at the show and share initiatives or solutions that address environmental issues on a global scale. This year, under the Communication Message “Brighter by Design,” Legero Lighting displayed its initiatives to contribute to the sustainable earth and society by sharing challenges faced by the customers and society and providing new solutions with environmentally friendly products based on breakthrough environmental technologies. Around India, Legero Lighting has been actively developing the “Green Activities” to meet the goals set in its long-term environmental vision. The activities have helped Legero Lighting strengthen, from the early stages of R&D and product planning, development of new products and services that reduce environmental impact throughout the life cycle. Furthermore, the company's comprehensive green initiatives have prompted its production sites to evolve their energy- and resource-saving efforts, as well as encouraged environmentally considerate sales and services. jaipur _news Legero Lighting reorganized its management system and has been focused on solving problems faced by customers and society. In its environmental activities, the whole company shares common goals and work together as one. Such strategic direction and extensive development of the initiatives have received first-tier ratings in international CSR and SRI (socially responsible investment) assessments. At Jaipur Technical Festival, 2014, Legero Lighting displayed advanced, global initiatives and breakthrough environmental technologies used in manufacturing of their green LED products aimed at reducing carbon footprint and energy costs.