Types Of Residential Lighting

By residential lighting is meant offer of lighting in a space meant for living, night and day. By residential space, one may be referring to semi-detached homes, terrace houses, apartments, villas or bungalows. Residential spaces need both night time and day time illumination.

Natural And Artificial Lighting

Residential lighting of day time may be natural or artificial. For providing artificial light, light fixtures and lamps may be used. Lamp fixtures may be pendant lights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. Natural light is provided by capture of day light via sky lights or windows. It is generally believed that natural light is superior to artificial light as the former provide health benefits to inhabitants of the home.

Kinds Of Artificial Lights

When you design a home, it is vital that you go in for a wide variety of residential lighting fixtures as opposed to searching for the same type. There are 3 main types of residential lighting: General lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. You can use any of these to be incorporated in your living space. All of such types can improve your living space in a distinct manner.

Task Lighting:

Task lighting is used best when you want to illuminate a particular task space. Examples include kitchen stove top or a study desk. These spaces suit table lamps or pendant lighting. Even floor lamps can be used. One crucial feature of task lighting is that it must focus much light on the task area, without generating much heat.

Interior designers will examine the type of activities which will take place in all areas of the room to ensure that there is adequate light for carrying out such activities and that light intensity is powerful enough to light up any space which requires specific light.

Task lighting permits the placement of suitable light sources where most required, lighting up particular areas and providing the light needed for activities like doing home work, dressing up, cooking, reading etc. You must focus light on areas like desks, kitchen counters, bedside tables etc.

Accent lighting

This lighting is mostly for decorative purposes and is used to throw light on paintings, wall-mounted artwork or decorative plants and other elements of landscaping or interior design.
Accent lighting is used to add decorative elements and create strong visual impact. Accent lighting is used for highlighting elements like sculpture, paintings, architectural features or room entrances. Accent lighting may add to the décor by the design of the fixture like chandeliers or pendants.

General lighting

It is one among the first layers of lighting made use of by modern interior decorators. It refers to the light used to illuminate the whole space of the room. Such lighting sources provide basic lighting needs for creating an accessible space through which people can move about safely. Residential recessed lighting or overhead ceiling fixtures can adhere to general needs of lighting.

General lighting may be the existing lighting or an element of the new lighting plan. General lighting is also referred to as ambient lighting. It is used to light up an area, without putting focus on any specific space. Typically, light fixtures hang from the ceiling and there are even floor lamps which provide ambient lighting.
These are all the main types of residential lighting. Interior designers can help you develop a plan for home lighting.