Sanjeev Bhayana

Founder & MD

Light has the power to transform a space, affect our mood, fulfill dreams, and bring people together. And we see this potential in a new way of creating illumination, in a way that makes a difference in the social and environmental scenario.

Through our journey, we have come to discover that LED lighting could be seen as a symbol for the dawn of a new age in which technology is no longer used to create further distance between people but rather to provide better illumination and comfort in our lives. By building intelligent, connected, and futuristic lighting solutions, we want to make an impact where today’s lighting solutions are insufficient.

We believe that it is possible to create a LED-based lighting environment that is sustainable and human-centric, where the relationship between customer and environment is symbiotic. In order to achieve this, we must create awareness through innovation and by exploring new ways of how we see light. It is our conviction that Legero’s approach to sustainability will be the first of its kind to make the leap from environmental consciousness to environmental action.

Sankush Bhayana

Co - Founder & Executive Director

Sankush Bhayana is twelve years old in this industry with pure technical sales background. His on field experience allows him to bring different dimension in catering to operations and project sales division. He is administrator personality and has worked religiously in bringing systems and SOPs in the organization. He has been instrumental in moving the operation to software bringing ease in working for the entire team members and reducing individual specific tasks.

Mahinder Khanna

Technical Director

Mahinder Khanna is Technical Director and comes from rich 40+ years of experience in the production and sales. He has developed a lot of technical products for various applications and covered big accounts like GMR, Godrej, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh to name a few. Strong network of architects and consultants on PAN India level.

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